How It Works

New Diners. More Money. No Risk. helps thousands of restaurants nationwide fill tables every day. Our program provides a steady, sustainable stream of customers over an extended period of time to help bolster your business - not the short-term rush that comes with daily deals.

Here's how it works.

Promote promotes your restaurant to millions of diners through our cutting-edge digital marketing programs. We create a custom website on for each Restaurant Partner, and drive diners there via sophisticated search, email, mobile and social media programs.


Diners discover your restaurant on and purchase a dining certificate from the deals you have selected upon sign up (the most common is a $25 certificate, which comes with a $50 or more minimum spend requirement.) The diner is now invested in planning a visit to your restaurant.


Diners visit your restaurant and redeem the certificate on a mobile phone or printed copy. The server simply takes down the certificate number and subtracts the amount from the bill. Diners are required to spend at least 200% of the amount of the certificate, ensuring you profit on every table. You keep 100% of the money the diner spends at your restaurant.


Validate the certificate with a quick phone call. The customer will receive an email requesting feedback about their visit and your restaurant will receive access to customer data, including an email address. Use that data to reach out to the diner and invite them back. Soon, you'll have a regular customer.

Your restaurant will continue to receive steady traffic from diners who discover your restaurant on You now have a sustainable stream of new customers, and the tools you need to turn them into regulars. is free to join and is trusted by thousands of restaurants across the country.

As your partner in profit, we want to see your restaurant succeed. provides ongoing support and many other partner benefits in addition to the dining certificate program.