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NEW DINERS is the nation’s largest digital marketing site for restaurants. When you join our robust program, you join that network. No matter how successful your restaurant is, you can always use more customers and helps you find them. We guarantee to drive new diners to your restaurant.

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DIGITAL MARKETING EXPERTS partners benefit from cutting-edge digital marketing and the expertise of an online deal site that’s been around since 1999. We create a unique website for each restaurant and promote it to millions of customers within the search engine, mobile apps, social media, email marketing and more.


We guarantee it. partners enjoy a steady, sustainable stream of customers over an extended period of time, not the brief rush of other deal sites. diners are required to spend at least 150% of the value of our certificates to guarantee costs are covered and you make money on every table. For example, most customers spend around $66 with a $25 Certificate.

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FREE TO JOIN is free for partners. We will never send you a bill. All you have to do is honor and validate Certificates. You keep 100% of the money diners spend at your restaurant. And, we have a full-time support team standing by to ensure your ongoing satisfaction.

...AND MUCH MORE! Partners receive exclusive access to special rates on business solutions through the Partner Advantage program, diner contact information, a unique webpage and much more. Most importantly, you’ll gain a partner in profit you can trust. We have a full time support team standing by to ensure your continued satisfaction. Learn More >

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